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TUOsolar solar lighting with a unique design and state-of-the-art technology.


Hydrorock offers solutions for separating rainwater, water buffering, drainage, infiltration and irrigation by using stone wool as basis material.

Reinforced grass

100%-natural grass cover reinforced with synthetic fibers to increase the hours a play.

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The type of surface for outdoor sports activities will depend on what sports should be hosted or made available to the public. Most outdoor sports are played on natural turf or artificial turf. However, there are different kinds of sport flooring systems – polymeric rubber, modular PP tiles, acrylic hard court – that are suitable for different kind of sports and especially appropriate for multi-functional sporting areas.

Outdoor sport flooring systems must be durable in the first place to withstand the natural elements in time as well as the movements, activities of the sport itself. The required traction and shock absorption depend on the kind of sport or multiple kind of sports you envisage to play.


From optimised sport functionality to top performance

Historically, various forms of dirt, grass, sand and crushed cinders were used for running tracks. Nowadays, an all-weather running track is made of a rubberized artificial surface, providing a consistent surface for competitors to test their athletic ability unencumbered by adverse weather conditions. Thanks to state-of-the-art UV-resistant formulations and innovative sealing processes, you will now find an increasing number of multi-coloured athletics tracks all over the world.

is a so-called spray coated system, known as an economic all-round surface. It offers a structured surface that can be a water-permeable or waterproof surface. The high-quality raw materials and bonding agents as well as the increased thickness of the coating ensure a long lifespan and a high level of durability.


  • Competitive running tracks
  • School sports facilities
  • Multipurpose facilities


  • Structure-coated surface
  • Rubber granules and elastomer, spray-coated
  • Water-permeable or waterproof
  • Certifiable to IAAF requirements

is a so-called sandwich system, fast with high damping properties and excellent values in view of biomechanical properties. Sandwich systems are known in general for performance and competitive sports in athletics facilities with running and run-up tracks.


  • Athletics stadiums
  • Competitive running tracks
  • School sports facilities


  • Poured surface
  • Granules with visible tips interspersed, ideally suited to spikes
  • Waterproof
  • Certifiable to IAAF requirements


Surfaces for walking, jogging and running… wherever you want

Jogging trails enrich the overall quality of life of a community, making it a more desirable place to live and work by offering residents a place to relax and exercise at lunchtime, a nearby place to spend time with friends and family, besides the fact that it encourages exercise and other healthy outdoor activities.

is an economic, yet long-lasting solution for a jogging trail wherever you want to create it. It is comprised of textured colors using a select blend of silica sands. Batch mixing is simplified, resulting in superior quality control and a consistent surface pace regardless of location.

PROtrail PF5
is especially designed for more comfort while running. It is a cutting-edge acrylic composite system with a prefabricated 5mm shock pad. Together with the topcoat this system provides a consistent advanced comfort, reliable footing and staying power.

SP is a durable single-layer EPDM based system with a smooth surface and good absorption properties. The system is water-permeable, which means it dries very quickly. Despite its smooth surface, it is slip-resistant and also offers a high level of wear resistance and low maintenance costs.

PROtrail SWS
is a high-quality sandwich system with high damping properties and excellent values in view of biomechanics. Sandwich systems are known in general for performance and competitive sports in athletics facilities with running and run-up tracks.


Acrylic all-weather hard court coating

With TEXPLAY you can revitalize existing concrete and asphalt surfaces and extend the life of existing courts. It can be easily customized to meet a wide range of performance, playability and appearance criteria – the wide range of colors allows you to add a creative splash. The main applications are tennis courts and multi-sport surfaces (for basketball, volleyball, soccer), but it is also a popular solution for roller sports, schoolyards, jogging tracks, etc..

TEXPLAY BASIX is comprised of textured colors using a select blend of silica sands. Batch mixing is simplified, resulting in superior quality control and a consistent surface pace regardless of location or applicator.


TEXPLAY CUSHION has an elastic, shock absorbing layer for more comfortable play and a more enjoyable post play experience.

TEXPLAY PF5/ PF8 are cutting-edge acrylic composite systems with a prefabricated shock pad (5 or 8mm) for advanced player comfort. Together with the topcoat this system provides consistent ball bounce, reliable footing and staying power.


Modular tile system for outdoor applications

Patmos is the best flooring system for outdoor sports spaces. It can be installed permanently, but it can be moved to any other area easily. Patmos is a floor with vertical and lateral damping that offers a unique comfort for outdoor sports combined with water drainage, and ready to play on every day of the year. Special micro-texture provides grip, durability and extra safety. Patmos was designed to improve outdoor sports practice.

The 25 x 25 cm polypropylene modules specially developed for sports fit perfectly like a puzzle. They can be installed on any flat surface. The micro texture on the surface provides a high grip and the pattern of the tiles is designed to quickly drain water. The 7 fixation points (on each 25×25 module) provide an unbreakable interlocking connection of the modules, offering a robust, stable and safe surface.


Flooring type:  Modular tile construction
Application:  On a solid, flat surface without using any type of glue
Dimensions of each tile:  25 x 25 x 1,1 cm
Flatness: 0,0 mm
Solvent Resistance: Excellent
Receptivity to painting:  Very good
Lateral absorption:  Between 0,0 and 1,2 mm
Fixing tiles:  7 male / female connection points
Warranty: 15 years
Extra: Moveable to any other area, easy and quick replacement

Patmos Evolution


Rain, humidity, flooded courts and cancelled games. Forget about these scenarios because Patmos Evolution was designed to drain water in the quickest way. Due to its single web structure, Patmos Evolution is always ready to play.


Patmos Master  was design to quickly drain water, due to it´s single web system. In combination with the rubber wave shaped damping system, with air cushion effect, Patmos Master provides vertical shock absorption and therefore optimal playing conditions. Moreover,  the shock absorption layer reduces sound, levels small deviations of the floor and because of the special designed openings it also allows for air circulation underneath the tile as well as a high drainage capacity.


More than 25 colors are available of which the following colors normally are in stock:

RAL: 2004
Pure Orange

RAL: 5005
Signal Blue

RAL: 6032
Signal Green

RAL: 5012
Light Blue

RAL: 1018
Zync Yellow

RAL: 3020
Traffic Red


Modular sports floors can be supplied in various colours and can be provided with a complete edge finish all around. Special edges and corner pieces ensure an attractive finish and optimum transition.

The modular floor can be designed with lines for every sport, and it is also possible to apply logos. So a modular sports floor offers good opportunities for sponsors!

Indoor flooring
Flooring basketball
Lines and logos flooring indoor
Lines and logos flooring indoor