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TUOsolar solar lighting with a unique design and state-of-the-art technology.


Hydrorock offers solutions for separating rainwater, water buffering, drainage, infiltration and irrigation by using stone wool as basis material.

Reinforced grass

100%-natural grass cover reinforced with synthetic fibers for increased hours of play.

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Grass reinforcement and root stabilization

GrassMax is a so-called stitched-based hybrid turf system. Stitched systems are installation done in situ by means of an installation machine. The installation machine will inject the existing base with artificial turf fibers for grass reinforcement and root stabilization. These important anchors are spaced approximately 2 cm apart and 18 cm into the prepared subbase, leaving 2 cm above the surface. This density translates to approximately 20 million fibers per full-size pitch with 7.500m2.

Grassmax stitching

GrassMax stitched systems offer strong vertical reinforcement, stability and firmness over a life span of up to 15 years:

  • Natural grass cover reinforced with approx. 20 million artificial turf fibers, which account for 5% of total playing surface of a standard sized football field.
  • Playing characteristics of a pitch are absolutely identical to a perfect natural lawn
  • The usage on the pitch can be 4 times higher than without the GrassMax system
  • Injected fibers stabilize the root zone of the lawn and thereby increase the resistance of the grass to damage. No divots
  • Visual perception of natural grass uniformity

GrassMax football fields are built on a sandy base with a small addition of organic material. Sand is a fairly mobile substance, and very often football or rugby turfs are characterized by a weak root system, therefore synthetic fibers perform the function of stabilizing the sand layer and ensuring the evenness of the of the surface.

2×2 cm synthetic fibers are injected in a natural grass or sand subbase to a depth of 18 cm. Natural grass roots grow to a depth of 10 to 20 cm, so 18 cm is the optimal stitching depth.

Stitching 20 million fibers into a sand-based grass pitch ensures that water gets drained from the surface fast. The formation of muddy patches that could lead to a game being canceled, is precluded.


The injected fibers stabilize the root zone of the pitch and thereby increase the resistance of the grass, which prevents divots and unevenness. The injected fiber consists of a 6-strand block made of copolymer combining 3 straight and 3 texturized filaments.

The fibers are resistant to mechanical influences, so they will not be damaged when the pitch gets renovated. The playing characteristics of a GrassMax pitch are identical to a perfect natural grass pitch.

  • GrassMax Duo fiber developed by GrassMax Systems is environmentally friendly.
  • Fully automatic control ensures accurate operation of the stitching machine.
  • We have developed and manufactured special fibres with enhanced performance characteristics.
  • The stitched fields are considered natural grass fields and fulfill the requirements of UEFA, FIFA, IRB, NFL.